A downloadable game for Windows

In 2018, a war between North Korea, Sounth Korea and United States of America has begun. At the Yellow Sea near North Korea the United States of Navy has detected a North Korean nuclear powered submarine heading to
Port Pyeongtaek to strike. 

The pilots mission is to destroy the submarine, but on the way there are incoming missiles and approaching enemy units try to hit you down.


-Modern fighter jet vertical shooter.

-6 different enemies with different abilities(speed and weapons they use).

-boss stage available.

-player is able to shoot 2 different weapons(unlimited)

[enemy list]


-Hellfire(speed: slow)

-Raytheon MIM23(speed: a bit fast)

-Stinger(speed: fast)

-Harpoon(speed: fastest)

[enemy units]

-Scout ships(weapon: anti air guns)

-MIG29 fighter jets(weapon: Vympel R27R air missile)


-Nuclear powered submarine(weapon: Vympel R27R air missile)


-format; windows 7

-price; free

-release date; 23rd/06/2014

-app used; Game Maker 8.1 and Reaper sound maker

-game idea resources; Aero Fighter series(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aero_Fighters)

Creator; Kotaro Yamada(From; Media Design School in Auckland NZ)

contact email address; swatky@hotmail.co.nz


Missile Avoidance.gamemaker8.1.exe 20 MB